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Solar Power

The world’s energy future is being shaped by the dual challenge of climate change and growing demand for electricity, with renewable energies set to play a crucial role in this new environment. Being the responsible energy major means taking these realities into account by investing heavily in renewables. This is particularly true of solar, a fast-growing source of energy boasting many advantages: it is abundant, clean, flexible, efficient and competitive. Our ambition is for “low-carbon(*) businesses to account for nearly 20% of our portfolio in 20 years”.
(*) Low-carbon businesses encompass downstream gas, renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency, clean fuels and carbon capture, utilization and storage technology.


According to the scenario put forward by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the share of renewable energies in the global energy mix is expected to increase sharply, from 9% currently to more than 20% in 2035. Alongside natural gas, the least carbon-intensive fossil fuel, renewables will make it possible both to meet the world’s growing demand for electricity and to limit global warming.
Electricity will be the energy of the 21st century. Over the next 20 years, electricity demand will increase faster than the demand for energy as a whole. With this in mind, we are committed to meeting this need by adapting our energy mix to give greater prominence to natural gas and renewables. This approach serves to further our bold ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.

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